Career & Money

What is this?
If you enjoy being a part of WauHH, we want you to share your experiences to the world. For every Client that you bring onto WauHH, you'll earn at least RM10 from each project they posted and you also will earn up to 15% from every project succeed each time and forever. For every Contractor you bring onto WauHH, you'll earn RM20, and you'll also earn up to 5% from every project give by them. It's our way of saying "thank you" for sharing the love and spreading the word.

How do I get started?
Share WauHH with your friends using the Affiliate tools inside your account. We take care of all the tracking details and credit you automatically.

What are the rules?
If you refer a Client, all they need to do is register on WauHH and make a payment of at least RM10 for posting a project, and you'll receive RM10. For Contractor referrals, all they need to do is register, verify their email and phone number, and take the WauHH Pledge, and you'll receive RM20. As an added bonus, they'll also receive RM10 as a gift from you.

Career open

*Clerk :*
Where your service is to manage routine jobs such as project posting validation, spam account and messaging, payment transaction status, respond to feedback and complaint, accounting control and many more.

Where you had tremendous IT skill to serve our professional clients project and earn on higher employment. Monthly *Venture Fund** is applicable to help Developer sustain on income.

*Technical :*
Where your job is assign by our Developer as Assistance on technical field such as maintaining system, outdoor customer service representative, running bugs test, respond to customer complaint and earn extra side jobs.

*Sales Executive: *
Where you can be one of our career sales team to promote our service into market and earn long terms incomes. Monthly *Venture Fund** is applicable to help Sales Exec grow even faster.

Money Open

*Shareholder :*
Where you are one of our investors partner and with relation to our company future progress, entitled to the interests of shareholders and profit. Company all sales information is transparent reported in your account.

*Freelancer :*
Where you can contribute your skill and services to bid for project offered and earn from your well done job.

*Affiliate :*
Where anyone can do online promotion and marketing on any products and service from a link through banner, text-ads, hyperlink and earn small token upon success promotion link.

*Agent :*
Where you are an established sales partner to promote our service into market and earn higher and residual incomes.

*Project Investor :*
Where you are one of our projects essential partner to know more about our confidence project and choice of your favorite investment from all; such as potential, valuable ,profitable and well planned project.

Thank you for joining. We are excited to have you among our talented, valuable users on! We look forward to working with you!

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